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The true original! Over a decade ago we pioneered the open-air computer case with our Tech Station PC workbenches,
giving hardcore geeks easy access to hardware once buried inside traditional computer cases. Our non-conductive benches
are incredibly stable, ESD compliant, highly customizable, and will last a lifetime of system builds.

Invest in the Best - Lifetime Warranty - Made in America!
Serving you online for over 19 YEARS - Let us custom build your bench

Half Height (2U/4U) Vertical Supports - 7" set of 2 eGPU Tech Station (2x) HSPC Drive Rack - 3 level + Optical Bay Tech Tray Tech Station - Standard size (ATX)
HSPC Drive Rack: 4 level 3.5"/SSD HPTX Top Deck Tech Station Kit Fan Stacker Kit - with 120mm Fan Half-Deck Tech Station - XL-ATX
HPTX Top Deck Tech Station Kit - BIN Top Deck Tech Station - Large size (EATX) - BIN Half-Deck Tech Station - Large size (EATX) HighSpeed PC's ATX Power Wire - Mini power/reset switches & PWR/HDD LED's on a ribbon cable
ATX Power Wire
Price: $9.99

  • New product lines being added! Checkout the Half-Deck models, new Drive Cages, a section for our Neoprene anti-static/non-slip bench top mats, and watch out for the Tech Tray single-level Tech Station early fall.
  • Every model bench is now available in all six colors. We also have new accessories and options for all the Tech Stations coming, plus more new designs!
  • AMEX card service is up and running in our secure checkout, or the PayPal option can still handle those transactions for you too.
  • Look for all shipping options from USPS, FedEx, and UPS under "More Carriers" during checkout.
  • Check out the Bargain Bin for discounted Tech Stations. These units have minor cosmetic blemishes and/or are completely refurbished open-box, etc.

"We've been waiting for someone to..improve upon the 'tech station' concept we embrace in our Lab. That time has finally come with HighSpeed PC's new Tech Station."
Gordon Mah Ung, MaximumPC magazine

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