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HSPC Tech Station
  Original Tech Station (standard)
  Original Tech Station (large)
  Top Deck Tech Station (standard)
  Top Deck Tech Station (large)
  Top Deck Tech Station (XL-ATX)
  Top Deck Tech Station (HPTX)
  BTC Mining Station (XL-ATX)
  BTC Mining Station (HPTX)
  Pre-Assembled Tech Stations
  Tech Station Accessories
  Tech Tower Vertical Workstation
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HSPC Tech Stations  
(patent pending)     

MaximumPC Geek Tested and Approved!  Jan '05

Magazine Jan '05
MaximumPC Labs use HSPC Tech Stations!

   Made in the USA! | Read reviews | Tech Station FAQ | Suggestion Box | Press Release: (PRWEB)18.10.04        


The HSPC Tech Station (patent pending) Fast-access computer case - It's a hardware workbench that brings PC components within easy reach yet keeps them safe and secure.  Perfect for PC builders, upgraders, overclockers...

Choose your HSPC Tech Station:  

Unlike the cheap acrylic copycat benches out there, our TechStations are ESD compliant, sturdy and solid, won't slide around, highly customizable, and will last a lifetime of system builds. 
-  Invest in the best - Lifetime Warranty -  
100% American Made using American Labor

Tech Station fast-access PC case Original Tech Station Kits
models:  Standard  Large
Easy-to-build complete kits.  6 colors available!
Motherboard on lower shelf

Top Deck Tech Station - Motherboard on top!   

Top Deck
Tech Station Kits 
models:  Standard  Large 
Motherboard on top for easy access.

Top Deck Tech Station - Motherboard on top!   

4-Way SLI Top Deck
Tech Station Kits 
models:   XL-ATX   |   HPTX
Motherboard on top for easy access.
XL and HPTX versions supports
4-Way SLI

Pre-assembled Tech Station fast-access PC case Pre-Assembled Tech Stations
We assemble for you!  Just add your hardware

ATX Control Kit, mini power/reset switches, speaker, and LED's

Tech Station Accessories
Add-ons, upgrades, and extras

Motherboard support:
Standard size Tech Stations fit: 
Large size Tech Stations fit:  mITX, mATX, ATX, eATX 
XL-ATX Top Deck Tech Station fit
HPTX Top Deck Tech Station fit: mITX, mATX, ATX, eATX, XL-ATX, HPTX

*HPTX and eATX also fit on the XL bench with a few inches overhang off the back 

Color options available for most models

Top Deck Tech Station Features (motherboard on top!)          Original Tech Station Features

Need support for 4-Way SLI? See our XL-ATX and HPTX PC work benches!

and HPTX Tech Stations support 4-WAY SLI with dedicated video card cooling,
 3.5" and 2.5" SSD hard drive support. These work with ALL computer system sizes - mITX on up!

 Ask us about Custom Tech Stations, A/V shelving, Server trays, Monitor stands, more!

Tech Station Highlights:

- Puts all your PC hardware within easy reach
- Non-conductive design - High grade polymers - HDPE bench surfaces
- Heavy-duty construction - Sturdy and stable - Can support over 160+ lbs!
- Attractive look - High quality materials - Proudly display this test bench
- Dimensions:  (custom sizes/colors available)
    Original:  Std: 14x9.5x8.5"  Lrg: 14x13x8.5"

    Top Deck:  Std: 14x9.5x13.5"  Lrg: 14x13x13.5"   XL: 15.75x11x13.5"   HPTX: 15.75x16x13.5"
- Top Deck version puts motherboard on top for easiest access

Each kit Includes:
- Secured Motherboard can be changed out quickly w/ Rubberized standoffs/guide post system 
- HDD storage/cooling rails for up to two 3.5" hard drives, or three 2.5" SSD's per set
- Add-in card support brace w/ thumb screws
- ATX Control Kit (mini power/reset switches, LED's, speaker)
- Rubber non-slip, non-marking feet
- Neoprene rubber mat for stacking peripherals (non-slip, anti-static, self-extinguishing)
-120mm fan - Ideal cooling (one or more depending on kit model)
LED's available 
- Assembly & use guide (Kits retail boxed)



Assembly Instructions: 
Original Model:
Standard (.pdf)  |   Large  (.pdf)
Top Deck Model: 
Standard (.pdf)  |   Large  (.pdf)  |  XL-ATX (.pdf)  |  HPTX (.pdf)
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Pimprig Elite Gear award!  10/10  Upgrade Advisor calls the Tech Station a "Recommended Upgrade"! scores the Tech Station a 10/10 give the Tech Station their Editors Choice award!  Maximum PC's "Geek Tested and Approved" award.   MPC labs use our Tech Stations!



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