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ATX Control Kit

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ATX Control Kit

Motherboard Control without the Case!

Now you can power up your PC without installing it inside a case first!  This handy kit is a must-have for the tool box of any upgrader, tweaker, modder, or IT professional.  Works perfect with our Tech Stations or when any non-conventional case is used to hold your PC hardware instead of a traditional computer case.  Use these once and you'll wonder how you lived without them.  

The ATX Control Kit includes:

2 Push Button Switches – Power on/off and Reset
1 System Alert Speaker 
1 Green LED – Power indicator
1 Red LED – Hard Drive activity

- See your motherboard manual for pin locations and panel functions.  

ATX Power Switch: System power (on/off/standby) controlled by momentary switch attached to the motherboard’s power switch header.   
Reset Switch:
Reboots PC without powering system off, attached to reset switch header.  (either switch in this kit can be used)  
System Alert Speaker:
4 pin connector to sound system beeps/warnings.  
System Power LED (green):
  3 pin connector lights when power is ON.  Blinks when system is in standby or sleep.  
IDE Activity LED (red):
2 pin connector.  Blinks with hard drive activity.

Also great for isolating problem case switches!


  • If motherboard header locations require the switches or speaker to be installed right next to each other and the fit is tight, simply bend them to about a 45 degree angle if needed. 

  • If LED's, speaker, or switches don't function, or the HDD LED remains on continuously just pull them off the motherboard header and reverse installation.

  • ATX Control Kit is included with each HSPC Tech Station


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