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Tech Tray Tech Station (All Sizes)
Tech Tray Tech Station - Standard size (ATX)

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Price: $29.99

Availability: Usually Ships in 24 to 48 Hours


Motherboard sizes:

Power Control Options:

Foot Type:

Include a Fan?:

PSU support:

Add-in Card Brace:
PCIe Card Brace System [Add $18.00]

Assemble this for me [Add $9.99]

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The Tech Tray open-air PC workbench for mITX, mATX, and ATX motherboards. Now available in EATX, XL-ATX, and HPTX

This bare-bones, no-frills motherboard platform has many benefits of our 'regular' two-level benches (including the highly valued non-conductive properties!).

This mobo-only solution gently but securely cradles your motherboard on non-slip rubberized standoffs installed onto our highest quality, heavy-duty composite plastic bench surface (it weighs in at 2.5 lbs). Use this while you build, test, benchmark, or run your system on it permanently. Nylon bolts/nuts can be used on 7 of the 10 rubberized motherboard standoffs and extra nylon bolts/nuts and steel screws are included so you can choose which standoffs get the extra security.

Many config options available to add only the features you want!

Adding a fan is recommended to move air across passively cooled motherboard components.
Fan choices include either 120mm or 140mm fan(s) in a variety of configs: Left side (CPU), or on the rear edge for GPU and/or CPU. We'll add the necessary pilot holes to the bench and include the fan, finger guard, 2 L brackets and all needed screws.

Already have fans? Just pick a Hardware Only option! That gives you the pre-drilled mounting points, L brackets, and attachment screws.

Need motherboard-level support for GPUs or other add-in cards?
Choose the Add-in Card support brace system option. This includes 2x 5" vertical supports and our (purposely) flexible card support brace with 7 nylon thumbscrews and all mounting hardware included. (Note, the Card Brace uses the two corner holes on the I/O ports side.)

Choice of Foot type:
  • Either screw-on or adhesive backed - both rubberized anti-vibe, anti-slip!
  • Adhesive backed are simple and cost effective: 3/4" x 3/4" x 3/8"
  • Screwed-on use our anti-slip/vibe rubber feet secured by internal screw/washer. We'll add the needed pilot holes on each corner for mounting. 5/8" OD, 7/16" High
  • Or, skip the feet and have 4 corner through-holes added (to use with your own mounting solution in your rack or shelving - zip ties work great!). Holes are 9/64 diameter (3.4mm) (no feet included with this option). If corner holes are selected along with the Card Brace only the two rear-facing corner holes will be open.
Other options include:
  • 3.5" hard drives/SSD's mounting brackets (soon!)
  • Either our ATX Control Kit or ATX Power Bracket for power on/off/reset and LED duties
  • PSU Storage options include a PSU Bracket (soon!), a custom cut 8" x 11" Neoprene ant-static, non-slip work mat (Or use the mat separately as a cushioned surface for working on your other sensitive electronic hardware!). Larger neoprene mat sizes available
  • Unassembled kit or fully assembled and ready to deploy

As with all our Tech Stations this comes with a lifetime support and warranty against defects!


ATX Control Kit
Price: $14.99

HighSpeed PC's ATX Control Kit
ATX Power Bracket
Price: $14.99

HighSpeed PC's ATX Power Bracket - Mini power/reset switches & PWR/HDD LED's on a PCI Bracket
Anti-Static Dust Cover for Tech Station (Standard size)
Price: $29.99

Anti-Static Dust Cover for Tech Station (Standard size)
Zip Ties - 8" Black Nylon (pack of 100)
Price: $9.99

Zip Ties - 8" Black Nylon (pack of 100)