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HSPC Tech Station
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Original Tech Station Kits (standard size)  

MaximumPC Geek Tested and Approved!  Jan '05 Magazine Jan '05
MaximumPC Labs use HSPC Tech Stations!
Name Price Availability  
Original Tech Station Kit - Standard/Black $79.99 In Stock
Original Tech Station Kit - Standard/Red $79.99 In Stock
Original Tech Station Kit - Standard/Green $79.99 In Stock
Original Tech Station Kit - Standard/Yellow $79.99 In Stock
Original Tech Station Kit - Standard/Lt blue $79.99 In Stock
Original Tech Station Kit - Standard/White $79.99 In Stock

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HSPC Tech Station (PATENT PENDING)                               Press Release: (PRWEB) October 18, 2004                  

Red Tech Station


The HSPC Tech Station (patent pending) is a fast-access computer case - a hardware workbench bringing PC components within easy reach yet keeping them safe and secure.   

The Tech Station makes a perfect work station for computer hobbyists, overclockers, frequent upgraders, IT Professionals, PC Shops. - For anyone needing frequent and fast access to internal PC components.  

It has solid non-conductive construction with tool-less storage for all PC components and lots of great features...  


What's new:   Complete support for mITX, mATX, and ATX motherboard form bench does it all!   SSD Hard Drive Rails also available.

< PC hardware not included

Green Tech Station
Yellow Tech Station
Light Blue Tech Station

White Tech Station
Color Options

The Tech Station Includes:
- Two tier work bench
- PCIe/AGP/PCI/ISA card brace with thumb screws
- HDD Rails for storage/cooling for two hard drives
- Secure rubberized motherboard standoff system
- 120mm fan/guard: hard disk and motherboard cooling
- Neoprene mat for non-slip/non-conductive top bench surface
- Assembly & usage details
- ATX Control Kit:
   Mini on/off & reset switches
   Power & HDD LED's
   System speaker

Assembly Instruction Guide (.pdf)

Standard Tech Station size: 14"w x 9.5"d x 8.5"h
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~ "We've been waiting for someone to..improve upon the 'tech station' concept we embrace in our Lab.  That time has finally come with HighSpeed PC's new Tech Station.Gordon Mah Ung, MaximumPC magazine.
~ "The Tech Station is exceptionally versatile and the most efficient configuration for testing available today."
~ "...I have received and assembled my TECH STATION.  I LOVE it, have tested three motherboards already!"  M. Powers
~ "Have not stopped using this's just too handy..." D. Francis 


Computer work station - click for larger image
HDD Rails

A good home for your hardware:  Based on ATX form factor motherboard specifications.  It has a surface area of 14x9.5 which keeps the footprint small yet will support hardware for a complete computer system! The motherboard is perfectly secure in this version 2.0.  A high friction rubberized standoff system supports the motherboard 1/4" off the bench surface (accommodates CPU cooler back plates and increases air circulation) and positions the motherboard perfectly on the Tech Station using two Nylon guide posts.  AGP/PCI cards are securely locked in place with thumbscrews so the motherboard is safe yet available for hands-on work and is easily removed.  

Top shelf, load it up:  The upper shelf is for stacking the drives and power supply.  Includes a neoprene mat to make the entire shelf a non-slip and non-conductive work surface!  There is plenty of real estate here to hold optical, extra hard disks and floppy drives, and the top shelf protects the motherboard below from any possible impact from above. 

Hard Drive Storage/Cooling Rail System: Two standard 3.5" hard drives can be easily inserted, protected and cooled by rails suspended under the top shelf. One end of the HDD Rails open to catch air from the 120mm cooling fan.  Slide the HDD's in/out on smooth non-conductive acrylic rails. 

No loose AGP/PCI add-in cards!  The AGP/PCI support brace solves the problem of loose motherboard add-in cards, loose cards can damage circuitry.  The brace offers universal support for all add-in cards - blocking no cables or connections, and has some lateral flexibility to make adding/removing cards easy.  Nylon thumb screws twist into the top of the brace and are positioned at ATX form factor spec locations so the AGP card and six PCI cards can be locked in place.  The support brace can also be removed, flipped over and turned to support BTX form factor. 

Power the PC On/Off and monitor HDD activity:   Plugging directly onto the motherboard, The ATX Control Kit takes the place of the computer case power and reset switches, power and hard disk drive activity lights, and system warning speaker so that PC hardware can operate totally independent of a standard computer case.

Non-conductive materials:  The Tech Station is made of non-electrically conductive, scratch-resistant, high grade polymers.  Metal screws and brackets are not exposed in sensitive areas, the motherboard rests on protective rubber standoffs, the top shelf has a neoprene work mat, and the test bench sits on non-slip thermoplastic rubber feet.  No worries of frying your hardware like with a metal bench.

Keep things cool:  A 120mm 12v DC fan positioned on the left side forcing air over heat sensitive motherboard components and Hard Disk Drive(s) mounted under the top shelf.

Lots of room to work: The height between shelves is 7 offering adequate room for hands to reach in and change components on the motherboard without having to remove the motherboard completely from the test bench.  The bench can hold over 150 lbs!

Click for Larger Image... Rubberized Motherboard Standoff System.
Secure Motherboard Standoffs

ATX Control Kit

AGP/PCI Support Brace

Neoprene Mat for non-slip top shelf

  More Details

Assemble your own with our easy-to-build kit version, or have us build it for you - we'll ship it to you ready to use right out of the box!  Either way you can finally have a professional grade computer hardware testing station ready to work for you in no time.  

Traditional alternatives would include leaving components installed in the computer case, which is an awkward and cramped environment for accessing hardware, an ill-fitting frame assembly made of conductive metal, or just having parts scattered around an open work area which is dangerous because components are exposed and vulnerable to impact, shorting and electrostatic discharge.  And how is the motherboard switched on/off without the PC case?  Our test bench and Control switches solve all these problems.  Now you can easily configure your hardware exactly how you want it before installing it in your permanent case!

Custom designs available!  We can custom build units to your size requirements... Visit our custom quote form for details.  
Returns- We realize the Tech Station is not for everybody, returns will be accepted for 60 days after purchase date, even if assembled.  Please see our Sales Terms for details on returns.
Interested in becoming a reseller?  See our Reseller page for details.


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