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Simplify your external video card setup with our eGPU Tech Stations.

The eGPU Tech Station utilizes the open-air test bench philosophy that we pioneered over a decade ago. Using the same high-grade industrial polymers as our PC work bench family, the eGPU bench provides a solid and sturdy mounting solution to run 1, 2, 4, or more video cards at peak performance safely and securely outside of a traditional computer case. Your GPUs are laid out in front of you in a clean, simple and efficient (yet cool industrial) design.

Perfect for laptop gamers, cryptocoin/bitcoin miners, extreme video editing systems, PC case mods, or testing and benchmarking GPUs.

Available now in 2x and 4x GPU versions. Contact us about custom designs!

  • Each eGPU bench ships with x16 PCIe risers (left facing 90 degree) on each GPU slot, ready to attach to your PCIe riser extension cable.
  • Have your own risers? No problem, just loosen the two attachment screws and swap out the risers.
  • The weighty, solid base is set on non-slip/anti-vibe rubber feet to keep your bench in place and reduce card noise and vibration.
  • Slots are spaced for double-width cards, with 2 thumbscrews per slot to secure the cards to the bench's Add-in card brace.
  • The 4x model (7"W x 14"L) includes an efficient 140mm fan (20 DBa, 45 CFM) to help shed heat from your hard working GPUs.
  • Ships fully assembled and ready to deploy!

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eGPU Tech Station (2x)
eGPU Tech Station (2x)
Price: $59.99
eGPU Tech Station (4x)
eGPU Tech Station (4x)
Price: $89.99

Important: We design these to be accommodating to a wide variety of hardware, but we make no claims as to what 3rd party hardware will or will not be compatible with our eGPU benches. There are just too many hardware types/models/versions and rapid tech changes to do so. We simply provide the platform for you to build upon. As always we will be glad to troubleshoot if needed!