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The BTC Mining Stations are advanced Top Deck versions of our Tech Station workbenches, with a second tier Add-in Card support system for 8 double-wide GPUs! It's specifically designed for some serious number-crunching systems like Bitcoin mining and extreme video editing. With 10 expansion slots - on just the motherboard level (26 slots total!) - it supports 4-Way SLI/Crossfire systems and also has dedicated fans for video card cooling. The motherboard platform is on the upper deck giving easiest access for testing and swapping out computer hardware. Hard Drive Rails store drives under the upper shelf and a third fan moves air over both the drives and the motherboard.

As with all our benches, it includes a non-conductive neoprene mat for lower shelf storage (this can also be used as a cushioned work surface for handling electronics), and also includes our ATX Control Kit switches/LED's for power/reset duties.

The "BTC Mining Station" models come in XL-ATX and HPTX flavors, fitting all common motherboard sizes including mITX, mATX, ATX, eATX and the over-sized XL-ATX and HPTX boards (13.5x13.6")

This is a custom built-to-order Tech Station, please allow 2-4 days processing time. Ships partially assembled unless complete assembly is chosen at checkout.

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The XL-ATX model BTC Mining Station with riser card GPU support.
BTC Mining Station (XL-ATX)
Price: $199.00
BTC Mining Station (HPTX)
BTC Mining Station (HPTX)
Price: $249.00

Important: We design these to be accommodating to a wide variety of hardware, but we make no claims as to what 3rd party hardware will or will not be compatible with our BTC benches. There are just too many hardware types/models/versions and rapid tech changes to do so. We simply provide the platform for you to build upon. As always we will be glad to troubleshoot if needed!