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Let us assemble your new Tech Station!

Assemble your own with our easy-to-build kit versions, or have us build it for you - we'll ship it to you ready to use right out of the box! Either way, you can finally have a professional grade computer hardware testing station ready to work for you in no time

• Please allow an additional 24-48 hours processing time for pre-assembled units.
Refer to each Tech Station's product detail pages for unit-specific info.
• Color options are available for most models.
• Contact us about pre-assembled custom designs too!

Assembly is now listed as an option on each Tech Station's detail page.
Just checkout as normal and select the "Assemble this for me" check box under options.

Here are direct links for your convenience:

Original Tech Station -Standard (mITX up to ATX motherboards) size: 14x9.5x8.5"
Original Tech Station - Large (mITX up to EATX
motherboards) size: 14x13x8.5"
Top Deck Tech Station - Standard (mITX up to ATX motherboards) size: 14x9.5x13.5"
Top Deck Tech Station - Large (mITX up to EATX motherboards) size: 14x13x8.5"
XL-ATX Tech Station (mITX up to XL-ATX motherboards) size: 15.75x11x13.5"
HPTX Tech Station (mITX up to HPTX motherboards) size: 15.75x16x13.5"

"We've been waiting for someone to..improve upon the 'tech station' concept we embrace in our Lab. That time has finally come with HighSpeed PC's new Tech Station."

Gordon Mah Ung, MaximumPC magazine