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The Tech Tray: single-level Tech Station PC workbench.

For years we've been making these as custom builds for some of our enterprise customers. Now you can get your hands on the latest design! This is the open-air test bench philosophy that we pioneered over 15 years ago taken to extreme: Just a single platform with everything laid out in front of you in a clean, efficient (yet cool industrial) design.

Customize Yours!
The base model is a bare-bones, no-frills option that gently but securely cradles your motherboard while keeping it totally accessible. The motherboard platform has all the benefits and features of our 'regular' two-level benches boiled down to single level.

Use the drop-down configuration menus to choose form factor and add functionality, such as the number and size of cooling fans and their locations, drive mounts, PSU attachment, type of feet it rests on, even add a GPU card support brace for a true single-level Tech Station!

Still need something different? Contact us! We'll gladly work with you to make a platform perfect for your application.

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Tech Tray Tech Station - Standard size (ATX)
Tech Tray Tech Station (All Sizes)
Price: $39.99