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Half-Deck Tech Station PC workbench (Single-level raised platform)

Get your hands on the newest design! This version simplifies the open-air test bench philosophy that we pioneered over a decade ago: Just like our new
Tech Tray platform, it's a single-level bench with everything laid out in front of you in a clean, simple and efficient (yet cool industrial) design.

The Half-Deck series sheds some very noticeable weight without losing most of the unique features and functionality of the Tech Station product line.

The greatest benefits to the Half Deck series are in the savings
: Overall weight savings, assembly and deployment time savings, and materials cost. All of which means you save time and money.

You will enjoy overall lower prices and less expensive shipping costs due to dropping nearly 1/3rd the shipping weight of a comparable full-sized Tech Station. (International customers will especially benefit). It's no secret that our Tech Stations are heavy buggers due to the high quality industrial-grade materials we use. (And that's a very good thing, but good things come at a cost, and shipping fees are good example.)

Click through below for more details!

Still need something different? Contact us! We'll gladly work with you to make a platform perfect for your application.

Be sure to pick your color option on the product detail pages!
All Tech Stations come in Black, Red, Green, Yellow, Light Blue, and White
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Half-Deck Tech Station - Standard size (ATX)
Half-Deck Tech Station - Standard size (ATX)
Price: $69.99
Half-Deck Tech Station - Large size (EATX)
Half-Deck Tech Station - Large size (EATX)
Price: $89.99
Half-Deck Tech Station - XL-ATX
Half-Deck Tech Station - XL-ATX
Price: $139.00

Like to mod? All of our Tech Stations are easy to customize to make them look and work the way you want! All the bench materials are easily machinable and able to hold screws, brackets, braces, and even hold adhesives...

Hang your closed-loop liquid cooler off one side, add groupings of powerful (or
silent) fans, or geek it out with LED lighting kits. Get creative! Drop us a note and we can share ideas, send you some screws/brackets, or help with other customizations.

We'd like to see some pics of your Tech Station in action! Send them in to support[at], we're collecting some for our upcoming Gallery feature.