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The Tech Tower is a vertical version of our Tech Station workbenches. The motherboard platform is set vertically allowing for unobstructed views and easy access for testing and swapping out computer hardware. The Power Supply is securely mounted behind the motherboard platform, out of the way but cables are in easy reach. A 120mm fan moves air over the motherboard, more fans can be added.

The broad, open, lower bench surface can store drives or tools. We recommend using our Drive Cage for all your drive storage (Optical, 3.5" and/or 2.5" SSD's). As with all our benches, it includes a removable, non-conductive neoprene mat for lower shelf storage. This can also be used as an anti-static, cushioned work surface for handling electronics.

  • The "Tech Tower" model fits most all motherboard sizes including mITX, mATX, ATX, and eATX.
  • Choose from three motherboard orientations: I/O ports facing left, right, or top (vertical).
  • Now available in our full range of colors!
  • Also included is our ATX Control Kit switches/LED's for power/reset duties.

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Tech Tower Vertical Workstation
Tech Tower Vertical Workstation
Price: $225.00

What's a Tech Station?

The HSPC Tech Station (patent pending) is a n open-air computer case - a fast-access hardware workbench bringing PC components within easy reach yet keeping them safe and secure. It has solid construction with tool-free storage for all PC components , non-conductive and ESD compliant, has lots of great features , and it's easy to modify and customize the way you like. We guarantee our product for a lifetime of system builds.

The Tech Station makes a perfect workstation for IT Professionals, PC Shops, computer hobbyists, overclockers, frequent upgraders. - For anyone needing frequent and fast access to internal PC components .