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The HSPC Tech Station (patent pending) is an open-air computer hardware test bench allowing for easy access to all PC components for building, upgrading, testing, etc.  This is the original of its kind, this created the 'Open-Air PC" market.    Please contact us for reseller pricing and quantity discounts.   We're doing custom size benches in a variety of layouts and colors too.  Let us create a version unique for your store!

Thank you for your interest in HighSpeed PC, LLC's reseller program. We make it easy for you to order our select products in the quantity you need.  Registering with us is simple, just send us an email and we'll get right back to you with the details: [email protected]

Sponsorship, donations and review samples:

HighSpeed PC has been here since 1999 and over the years we have done our best to support the online community as much as possible, but we get lots of requests for review samples and event sponsorships.  We'd like to help out everyone that talks with us but that's just not possible.  Feel free to email us with your request and we'll do our best to get back with you.  If the time is right and our ad budget allows for it we'll reply with details.

Wholesale pricing discounts also available.

Government\Educational Purchase Orders Welcome!  email us for details.